FX on UPI for travellers to India
For the Indian diaspora

Making Banking and Payments seamless for voyagers traveling to and from india

Connect your £/€ account and make real time payments via

How to use

Benefits for foreign tourists to India

Enabling seamless payments in ₹ for travellers to India and Non-resident Indians

Pay like a local Indian! with the power of UPI across 250 million merchants

Pay merchants through QR codes or UPI ID Save on FX fees

Manage your Money across India & the UK. One-Click Remittance & much more designed exclusively for the Indian Diaspora.

How to use

Benefits for Indian voyagers to the UK

Instantly send money worldwide with our seamless 1 Click Remittance

Monitor your funds all in once place. View Account Balances across India & the UK effortlessly.

Save on FX Fees while sending funds back to India

We’re on a mission to solve Banking and Payments for voyagers to and from India.

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